How does it work?

  • Following the rules is simple.

  • It can be understood in minutes.

  • It replaces brawl and punishment.

  • You will feel better because you are focused on the good.

  • You will achieve unexpected success through praising

  • Your children will pay attention to you.

The boxes contain user’s instructions but we have 12 more Plukkido original stories which are designated as letters written to your kid by the game elf. Each ‘Elfletter’ contains a story background and the instructions for an exciting motivational adventure with a game time spanning from 2 to 5 days. The letters come complete with additional tips and tricks for each parenting situation.

Here you can download PLUKKIDO METHODOLOGY.

The stories will help you get on with your child in the following tricky situations:

  • Temper tantrums
  • Eating issues
  • Bedtime problems
  • Getting dressed
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Separation anxiety and social difficulties
  • Keeping order
  • Toilet teaching
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Fear and anxienty
  • Aggression

To start the adventure, choose the Elfletter that fits your current parenting situation, print it, read it out to your kid and have fun! Feel free to download an editable version of each letter and adjust the text to your specific needs or go creative and create your own Elfletters to get the most out of your Plukkido game.

About the method in brief

Benefitto and Land encourage parents to practice an interesting and respectful communication children can understand.

The game calls the everyday “disagreements” of the parent-child duo to play. In these tougher
situations, it tries to expand the repertoire of the parent’s communicational, motivational
methods as a kind of assistance, taking in playfulness. The parent by seeing the problem
differently (using interesting, lively elements) is resolving the existing pressures that have
already been developed.

The game offers a sense of achievement to the child and the parent as well. Everyday conflicts
can be fixed in the imaginary language of a child easily/easier. With the help of the game, the
parent can experience how the fictional world of his/her child would always be at hand when
dealing with a tough situation.

In the game, the children can identify with the main elf character without difficulty because its
typical aspects that carries the basic properties of a child: the playfulness, kindness, perkiness
and tiny figure.

We can visually confirm the consequences of the child’s behaviors so they are able to
expressively and clearly understand the relationship between the actions and consequences.

Notice the good behavior and reward it! Our experience shows that if the parent would forget to

notice their child being well-behaved, the little player reminds them persistently.
The youngster as a consequence of their behavior does not receive a tangible reward but as a
kind of recognition, the gift from the elf shows him the price for their actions. We attempt to get
closer to the final destination of developing the self-rewarding quality of the child’s behavior.

Benefitto’s game rules are helpful for the beginners but proficient parents can setup their own
directions, customized for their children. For any comments, questions or concerns, contact the
administrators of the game.

It is important to know that this game by itself is not for solving problems for the parent. By
providing an outline, it simply leaves room for the possibility to become a more balanced parent:
creative, patient, and more successful.

The main objective of the first Plukkido game was to improve the mood and increase the
psychological well-being of parents, mostly stay-at-home mothers. We believe that this is the
key aspect in determining the quality of the child’s behavior.

Contact us for more help about the game, or creating customized rules on request: or call +36 20 440 8590