About us

Plukkido was founded in 2013 by three developers who know each other well. Through thick and thin, they are capable to accomplish creating the projects of their dreams professionally. Their plans have been released to the market self-published.
The character sets of their games, Benefitto and Land were designed by our favorite hungarian designer, Írisz Agócs.
In 2014 Plukkido Project received an award in the category of “Responsible Innovation” from the Hungarian National Committee of European Organizations for Quality.

  • Judit Táncsics

    She is a mother of a 5 and a 8 year old. Due to failures in child rearing of her own and people around her, she decided she needs to do something about the psychological well-being of parents with young children; something different than the already known but not always the best or pursuable solution.

  • Orsolya Pintér
    Social pedagogue

    She is a mother of 6-year-old twins. She is the precise and well-defined narrator of child rearing attitudes. She has been around children since she was 18. Plukkido’s spirituality was based on her treasurable thoughts.

  • Balázs Nagy
    Graphic designer

    Thanks to him, Plukkido toys have a colorful and exciting appearance that is very likeable for the children.